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Second jab of the Pfizer vaccine done today. Super excited to have this done and even if we need boosters later on, it was incredible how fast this became available in the year+ since we saw wide-spread impacts here is the US.

Leaving the political crap to the side, I am grateful for Operation Warp Speed and the funding that helped to make this possible. A batch of Pfizer COVID-19 takes, on average, 110 days to produce though they have been ramping up production methods to cut that down substantially. That means that the two doses that I received, at the quickest, likely had production started late December 2020 to mid-January 2021.

This was an incredible effort, spanning governmental agencies, private medical companies like Pfizer, shipping companies to safely transport the vaccines at the right temperatures, healthcare agencies (public and private), and many more. I am not here to extol the virtues (or lack thereof) for anyone who was or is now sitting in the Oval Office. I am, however, extolling the virtues of the thousands and thousands who actually made this happen, in spite of which party runs which branch.

Folks, this is a relatively pain-free way to help yourself, your families, your friends, and anyone else out there that you care about. Studies have shown up to 98.8% efficacy in preventing serious illness or hospitalizations post-vaccinations. Knowing people my age and younger who have been hospitalized, or worse died, only drives home to me the need to expand our vaccination efforts. Whenever I head someone say “well, it is their time to die”, I have to exercise great self-control.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself”

The sooner we can get people on board, the sooner we get some normalcy back.

Worried about the vaccine, the side-effects, or some half baked theories on its safety? Here is a great article on the myths surrounding COVID-19 vaccination.

Just do it.

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