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privacy? ha!

You cannot make this stuff up. Seems that Signal, the privacy-centric messaging platform recently used Facebook and Instagram’s own data collection mechanisms to put some targeted ads on Instagram.

I mean, really targeted. As in, “we are showing you exactly what those companies know about you” kind of ads.

For example:

You got this ad because you’re a certified public accountant in an open relationship. This ad used your location to see you’re in South Atlanta. You’re into natural skin care and you’ve supported Cardi B since day one.

Not surprisingly, they are now banned from showing ads on those platforms.

As I’ve previously written, I am supportive of people choosing whether or not their own privacy is important to them, but that requires an understanding of what exactly they are giving up. By banning someone from showing just that, it raises a lot of questions into data collection policies and its impact on personal privacy.

Does your privacy matter to you?