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build a pi for ham radio

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I contemplated doing this entire post in Morse given that today is April Fools Day, but I thought I might make you miss the real value of this post.

If you enjoy amateur radio like I do, and remote operations like SOTA/POTA, then this post is for you. KM4ACK has built a great tool to take a stock raspberry pi installation and make it ready for ham radio operations. You don’t have to use it for SOTA/POTA, but the tools are there as well.

It is simple, intuitive, and doesn’t require anyone new to raspberry pi OS to know much command line at all.

The list of included software (you can choose what to install or not) is huge, but includes:

  • Direwolf
  • Hamlib
  • JS8
  • Gridtracker
  • Gpredict
  • and more…

After setup and configuration, you can access the pi from just about any device after enabling vnc, which means that you can potentially leave bulky laptops at home and use your phone or tablet in the field.

Tremendous amounts of work went into building this, so sharing it out is the least that I can do.


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