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entering the void

I’ve been a Linux user now for over 20 years. 22 in fact – from the moment that my friend showed me his Red Installation on Gnome, I was hooked on the possibilities.

Since then I’ve distro-hopped off and on; from RH, Gentoo, and LSF (yes – I did that once just to be able to learn how everything went together…the hard way), and then finally settling on Arch Linux a few years ago.

I like rolling distributions which allow me to always stay up to date and avoid big pulls of packages just to be running the latest. Combined with a great package manager and easy to install applications from outside the main repo (AUR), Arch has been a great and stable experience for me.

Enter the Void.

So I took the leap this weekend and spent some time doing an encrypted installation of Void Linux. The documentation was great, the installation went smoothly, and I’ve been putting it through its paces the last 24+ hours. So far it has been rock solid, fast, and easy.

What drew me to entering the void?

  • Rolling distribution
  • Fast
  • No systemd
  • Lightweight and only what I want installed is installed
  • Small(er) community but still plentiful documentation and online resources
  • Package management is simple and intuitive – I am using vpm as a wrapper for the native package management
  • Did I mention no systemd? Super easy to add a new service and check its status
  • Its something new – sometimes a refresh of the system is in order, even when you’re using the same software on top of it

I’ll report back after I’ve got some weeks under my belt. Will I stay in the void, or will I return to the arch?

Time will tell…..

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